Mark Andrew

Q&A With MSP Magazine

Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

Tess Collins: What inspired you to leave your landscaping gig and try out for American Idol? Mark Andrew: I would probably say just the opportunity to get the national exposure. Minneapolis has a wonderful, rich music scene but the music industry is not fully present in Minnesota. To be able to get out what I do, my sound and personality on the national stage, that is what I was shooting for. TC: For someone who has never heard you sing before, how would you describe your sound? MA: I’ve been actually compared to a lot of people by fans. Probably the most common comparison that I’ve been hearing is Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, or Ray Lamontagne. Being compared to really successful and unique artists like that is definitely very flattering. I definitely appreciate it. I mean I am my own artist, have my own sound but at the same time comparison to those names is pretty awesome. TC: How do you see the Minnesota music scene evolving in the next five, 10 years? MA: There are a lot of great independent artists here. What I would hope to see is more independent artists learning to break out of Minnesota a little bit better. I have a lot of musician friends who are very talented, but they just don’t really know what to do besides play clubs in Minnesota. So hopefully some people will break out of the Minneapolis scene and get the national exposure they deserve. TC: Are there any local artists that have really inspired you? MA: I used to play with my older brother’s band, White Iron Band; they’ve always been an inspiration to me. I played with them a number of years ago, and they’ve been a band for, I think, 17 years now on the Minnesota music scene, and they’ve survived and they’re still doing really well. I just have a lot of friends that are in different bands that are really talented. They keep me going. TC: You said you’ve done a lot of shows around the area, are there any specific venues that you especially enjoy playing at? MA: The venue that has supported me the most for the past two years has been Famous Dave’s in Uptown. Besides that, the two coolest stages have been the Cabooze and First Avenue. First Avenue is a legendary stage. Purple Rainwas filmed there. And the...

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