Mark Andrew


Mark Andrew is hard at work on his new album with the Mark Andrew Band.  Details on tour dates and info on the upcoming release can be found at

The Mark Andrew Band is gaining new believers with its thrilling performances, masterful musicianship, and the unique and soulful vocals of American Idol & Voice favorite, Mark Andrew.

Fresh off tour stops with The Guess Who and Eric Burdon (The Animals), the Mark Andrew Band is poised to make a significant impression on a much broader audience.  Borrowing from aspects of the great music of the past and fusing that with a new, vibrant sound, they create an incredible musical experience.

Imagine taking a powerful and dynamic vocalist like Joe Cocker or Van Morrison mixed in with a rhythm section straight out of Stax Records.  Then give the musicians the opportunity to let loose.  That is what happens when this band takes the stage.  Their music is tingling-good, and Mark Andrew’s vocals and lyrics pack a punch.  Hard to imagine?  It’s for real.  Experience it!