Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew Band teams up with Evergreen Music Network!

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016

I am excited to announce that the Mark Andrew Band has signed on to booking agency the Evergreen Music Network! We are going to be working on taking the Mark Andrew Band around the country to showcase the new album ( Release Date – to be announced )...

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Lets Make an album!

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015

Super excited to announce I will be making a new album! I have partnered with PledgeMusic to make this project come to life and bring you along for the journey. This album will be a departure from the folk/ jam band I have played in the past and a move towards a sound with a little more polish! …& a little more rock! I teamed up with producer Kevin Bowe in Minneapolis, MN and we have already completed the first song for the album. This new song is titled “Last Chance” and is a great example of the direction I will be taking. The best part is that at any level pledge you make you will get the new single and then the next few as I complete them and of course the full album upon completion. You’ll also get behind the scenes looks into the process. Things such as videos of me cutting new songs of the lyrics as I write them. I can’t wait to make this album a reality and have you all along for the ride! Head to and find what pledge is the right fit for you! Cheers!  ...

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Hank wants you to go see his dad at a Taste of MN

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 You may recall seeing Mark Andrew on season four of The Voice. Or you’re more likely to know that Mark made it into the Top 16 of the most recent season of American Idol. Since his elimination, the Eden Prairie native has settled back into Twin Cities life with new tools under his belt and renewed enthusiasm for his music career. Not long before one of Idol’s producers called Mark to encourage him to audition for the show, he was about to head in a completely different direction. “I was ready to take over my family’s business and put music on the backburner,” Mark shared. “Then Idol happened. Now everything’s completely reversed.” For years, Mark has worked at family-owned Pudas Landscaping and Construction with his dad and brother. But they’re also the ones who helped inspire him to become a musician. “I got into music driving around in the car, listening to the radio and trying to sing along,” he recalled. “My dad had an awesome record collection so I dug into that – classic 60s and 70s stuff. Anything from Waylon Jennings to Gordon Lightfoot to Santana and Led Zeppelin.” Mark admitted he looked up to his brother, Matt, who is six years older than him. “The biggest thing that made me want to be a musician is my brother was playing bass in the neighborhood band and I wanted to play guitar,” he confessed. Matt went on to form country rock band White Iron Band, which Mark was part of for a couple years. “They kicked me out,” he said with a laugh. “My brother told me to go do my own thing.” Up next: Recording and performing at A Taste of Minnesota As Mark forges ahead with his music career, he’s currently working with local producerKevin Bowe to record a few songs. During his time on Idol, Scott Borchetta (who discovered Taylor Swift) challenged Mark to find his own sound. “I like country and I like blues. I’m trying to push more into the pop realm without being too pop but also stay true to myself as a singer-songwriter.” Mark included, “The lyrics are more thought out than some of the stuff you hear on the radio.” As far as shows, he’s excited about performing at A Taste of Minnesota on July 2. Especially because he’ll perform on the same stage as Gear Daddies and...

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Eden Prairie News Article

Posted by on May 21, 2015

Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 1:00 pm By Karla Wennerstrom Competition show veteran Mark Andrew Pudas of Eden Prairie said that when he is not performing, he is back working with his family’s landscaping business. Andrew (he performs as Mark Andrew) said that he is still following American Idol, hoping that his old roommate Nick Fradiani, still in the competition at press time, does well. Next week is Idol’s Finale. Andrew hopes the two will work together in the future. “I’d love to see Nick have a big career come out of it,” Andrew said. “The other contestants are great as well.” Andrew said that he’s under contract with American Idol until mid-June, so there’s still a chance he could be picked up by the record company, but they typically don’t pick you up if you don’t make the top 12. Andrew was cut right before the top 12. He said his next step will be to work with a crowdfunding company on pre-production of a fan-funded record. He said, “It’s going to be a combination of the old stuff I grew up listening to and a newer more contemporary sound that’s more radio ready.” The most positive result of his Idol experience has been the ability to make industry connections and be exposed to Idol’s fans all over the world. “With Idol, almost every week, my face was up there, people got to hear me singing,” he said. “That does a lot to get people interested.” He said he’s been stopped in the street in Los Angeles by people from Australia who were fans of his because of the show. Andrew said he is thankful for the support of his family, including parents Rich and Nancy Pudas; and wife, Hilary. Their son, Hank, was about seven months old when he was away on Idol, he said. “My wife is happy to have me home,” he said. “Luckily about a week after I got home he actually started to crawl,” Andrew said. “If I had still been out there, I would have missed some of those things.” The 2003 Eden Prairie High School graduate was also thankful for the community’s support. He said it was fantastic, and the fact that the local Fox affiliate is located in Eden Prairie made it even better. He said people will congratulate him if they see him at a restaurant or Home Depot. “ It’s...

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Q&A With MSP Magazine

Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

Tess Collins: What inspired you to leave your landscaping gig and try out for American Idol? Mark Andrew: I would probably say just the opportunity to get the national exposure. Minneapolis has a wonderful, rich music scene but the music industry is not fully present in Minnesota. To be able to get out what I do, my sound and personality on the national stage, that is what I was shooting for. TC: For someone who has never heard you sing before, how would you describe your sound? MA: I’ve been actually compared to a lot of people by fans. Probably the most common comparison that I’ve been hearing is Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, or Ray Lamontagne. Being compared to really successful and unique artists like that is definitely very flattering. I definitely appreciate it. I mean I am my own artist, have my own sound but at the same time comparison to those names is pretty awesome. TC: How do you see the Minnesota music scene evolving in the next five, 10 years? MA: There are a lot of great independent artists here. What I would hope to see is more independent artists learning to break out of Minnesota a little bit better. I have a lot of musician friends who are very talented, but they just don’t really know what to do besides play clubs in Minnesota. So hopefully some people will break out of the Minneapolis scene and get the national exposure they deserve. TC: Are there any local artists that have really inspired you? MA: I used to play with my older brother’s band, White Iron Band; they’ve always been an inspiration to me. I played with them a number of years ago, and they’ve been a band for, I think, 17 years now on the Minnesota music scene, and they’ve survived and they’re still doing really well. I just have a lot of friends that are in different bands that are really talented. They keep me going. TC: You said you’ve done a lot of shows around the area, are there any specific venues that you especially enjoy playing at? MA: The venue that has supported me the most for the past two years has been Famous Dave’s in Uptown. Besides that, the two coolest stages have been the Cabooze and First Avenue. First Avenue is a legendary stage. Purple Rainwas filmed there. And the...

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